8 Tips For Better Collaboration With IT Outsourcing Teams

IT Outsourcing in Singapore

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IT outsourcing in Singapore isn’t new, but over the years, more companies have started to rely on it. It makes sense to outsource IT needs if your business:

  • Wants to focus on its core competencies
  • Lacks the budget and resources for an in-house IT team
  • Is experiencing rapid growth that makes outsourcing necessary
  • Needs to meet crucial deadlines
  • Requires innovation

 IT requirements may be outsourced to a single service provider or to many vendors that manage diverse IT functions. In either case, successful IT outsourcing in Singapore requires proper collaboration between the business and its IT outsourcing team(s) if it is to produce the results expected. Here are some tips for promoting collaboration when you choose IT outsourcing in Singapore.   

Assess your needs

Conduct an analysis of your strengths and identify areas of needs for your business so that you know which project will be more beneficial to do in-house and for which one outsourcing will make sense. Once you’ve got your service model sorted out, you’re likely to dedicate resources accordingly and promote better collaboration with your IT outsourcing team.

Focus on people

While you may be outsourcing your IT needs, remember that the prime importance is still on the people who will facilitate the right tools, technology, and methods for your business. The expertise of the people is key in helping you achieve business outcomes, so getting clarity on the type of IT outsourcing team you want to work with will make collaboration so much easier for you. 

Maintain clarity in the project scope and objective

If you want smooth collaboration with your IT outsourcing team, you need to ensure there’s clarity on the goals as well as the scope of the project being undertaken. Talking about project specifics will ensure both parties are on the same page, and there’s clarity in the deliverables expected from the IT outsourcing effort. Transparency in interactions will help achieve business objectives quicker. You should make sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound so that there’s a framework that can guide the performance of the IT outsourcing team.

Don’t shy away from asking questions

One way to ensure that there’s clarity between the parties involved is to ask as many questions as possible. Questions relating to technology specialization, mode of communication, length of a project, benefits you derive, as well as all the services covered by the contract can also make collaboration easier. By getting answers to all your questions, better planning is possible so that project specifics can be agreed upon and capabilities are made clear from the start. This, in turn, allows for IT outsourcing in Singapore to be a smooth collaborative effort.    

Communicate openly and effectively

Effective communication is very important for collaboration between a company and its IT outsourcing team. There are many different aspects of internal as well as external communication that must be clear for smooth collaboration. With regard to internal communication, all concerned staff must be on the same page about the IT outsourcing needs and the plan to achieve it.

For external communication, a balance must be struck. It’s necessary to describe parameters and key performance indicators with precision. Simple, clear language that communicates the scope and objective of the project is necessary, and paying attention to cultural differences that may impact interpretation and interactions must be kept in mind, especially in the case of overseas contracts and those concerning different time zones.   

While precisely describing key performance indicators, allowing some freedom to the team to put their creativity, expertise, and experience to the test will ensure you get the best of their work while meeting your goals without taking away their freedom.

Create sub-tasks for the work required

If you’re outsourcing IT services for the 1st time, it’s a good idea to create sub-tasks for the work needed to be done and outsource a smaller portion of the work to the team. This way, you get to know how they operate before you entrust them with more important projects. This can help make future collaborations with them a lot easier.

Understand the importance of a contract

A contract that details the relationship between both parties is essential for a successful collaborative effort. Some crucial documents you’ll need include:

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Software Requirements and Specifications
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

Be sure to negotiate for ownership of the final product up-front, and if there’s sensitive data involved, focus on security measures. The right procedures and security policies can help protect your data and increase your confidence in your service provider, allowing for greater collaboration. Adopting cooperation in the contract early on by focusing on how the agreement is beneficial to both parties will result in a more successful relationship.        

Ensure that there’s clarity in payments

Maintaining clarity in payment plan will allow for smoother operations. Be sure to pay based on pre-defined goals and avoid any supplementary services that only add to your cost but don’t reflect any services that you actually require. Be sure to check for any hidden transaction costs, so that collaboration with clarity is payment is possible.   

Ultimately, a sense of shared purpose brought about through discussions on project needs, progress, and changes will help to facilitate better collaboration with IT outsourcing teams.

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